Meet the team and our supporting organisations


Kerry Hogg Co-Founder and workshop creator

Kerry’s Story 

In 2017 Kerry got married just days later her life was thrown into shock and chaos when her then husband was arrested, remanded and sentenced to a minimum of 9 years in prison she was 7 months pregnant at time. After battling suicidal thoughts Kerry came to the realisation that she had to find a positive from the negative experience that she was going though. Since then kerry has become an ambassador for the Prison Advice and Care Trust a charity that supports prisoners’ families. Working on their helpline and being part of their ‘hear our voices project’ which was set up to ensure prisoners families voices are heard within the criminal justice system. Kerry has spoken at various events including at the Old Bailey sharing her own story to raise awareness of how imprisonment affects prisoners’ families. 

Kerry was given an award at an event at the House of Lords this year to honour the voluntary work that she has done working with prisoners’ families. She is now currently a lead court volunteer supporting defendants’ family’s through trial in London based crown courts. Alongside being a full time 3rd year criminology and psychology university student.

Kerry has also launched her own campaign which aims to obtain university scholarships for young people who have currently and previously had a parent imprisoned for the purpose of preventing inter-generational offending. To date, she has successfully managed to obtain a bursary for current students affected my imprisonment at the University of East London.


Lydia Lawrence Co-Founder and workshop creator

Lydia’s Story

11 years ago, Lydia’s life was almost cut tragically short when after an altercation with a young women Lydia was stabbed multiple times. Lydia spent serval days in a coma and had to under go numerous lifesaving operations. Surviving the incident was just the start of Lydia’s battle as she went on to be hit by the affects of PTSD. 

Since her recovery Lydia has gone on to be an avid and poignant knife crime campaigner. Chairing various events across London to help combat knife crime. As she attempts to bring organisations together to stand united against knife crime. 

She has strong connections with leading knife crime prevention charities and has appeared on various news broadcasts. She has also produced her own documentary based on her personal life experiences whilst actively raising awareness of female involvement in violence and knife crime. Lydia is currently working on her own autobiography to ensure her story reaches a wider audience.


Supporting Organisations

  • Lambeth Action For Youth
  • Penificent